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After a long day of crawling on the floor
all we are left with
is some glue!

Hardwood floors

May 1, 2018

And we have a winner!!

Hardwood floors under all this grossness!! (not sure that's even a word but I using it any way HAHA).

Now it's time to get dirty!

April 30 2018:

The carpet has to go! It’s old, it’s gross and have you ever tried to clean frosting out of it…I don’t’ recommend it! We have fingers crossed there are some salvageable hardwood floors under it.

Tools required:

Dust mask

Needle nose pliers (for staples and nails)

Hammer and pry bar (small)

Broom and dust pan

Small razor scraper for the clue

A place to dispose of the carpet

And a strong back!

April 25 2018:

While we wait for contruction mode to fire up it I get to check out ideas on how to decorate and design the space. Since my passion is cookies I will focus on cookie cutter organization...lots of options out there. Do I use peg board, cork board, totes or baggies....opinions please!

April 23 2018:

You have all hard of Build a Bear Workshop® well here we are Build A Bakery Workshop!!

My husband and I started tinkering with the idea of a bakery out of our home in late 2016 when I found some YouTube videos of these amazing cookies people were making using royal icing. I started doing my research and watching more videos and then I did it…I bought my first container of meringue powder!!! I was hooked…the first cookies of course where a flop! I used to much icing and it was too runny, I had as much frosting on the table as I had on the cookies. Let’s just say I have learned a lot since that first batch of cookies. It is now early 2018 and with a few orders under our belt and some exposure to the community through our local farms market and some free cookie contests through our Facebook page we are now taking the next step and it is scary!

We have been operating out of our home with 4 kids and 2 dogs under foot and only 1200 square feet of space….we needed to make a change.

It started with remodeling our basement in order to double the square footage of our home. April 20th was the last moving day from main level to down stairs which freed up a spot on our main level to dedicate solely to the bakery.

And so it begins! Follow our journey from kitchen chaos to a room where we can learn and experiment with new itemss.  We will show you step by step the new changes that are taking place, things that worked well and things that didn’t.

What we are hoping to accomplish with this blog is to teach others what we have learned along the way and save them a few of the head aches we have had. We are also hoping to continue Building this Bakery until it has it’s very own store front!